Springbank, 21 yr old, 46%, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

700 ml, 46% abv, Scotland (Campbeltown)

Springbank 21 year old marks a celebration of true Victorian whisky production at one of Scotland’s most traditional distilleries. Long established production techniques, together with the knowledge and experience of craftsmen, are used to malt barley on traditional malting floors and distill this most handcrafted of spirits. It is then filled into high caliber oak casks and matured in the warehouses in Campbeltown until it is judged to be ready.

With its warm golden glow, this 21 year old is inviting, creamy and offers unbelievable complexity. The maritime influences uncovered in this single malt will take you on a journey to its Campbeltown home.

Bottle dated 17/4/17



Nose : A creamy delight. Toffee and cereal notes interspersed with bursts of freshly picked strawberries and ripe watermelon.

Palate : Robust and steadfast with a dry, creamy oiliness. Sugared almonds are heavily present as well as a dash of cinnamon.

Finish : Creamy with an evolving length which coats the mouth and finally gives up its peaty origins.