5Nines, PX Sherry Cask 46.7%, 5ND090, Single Malt Australian Whisky

700 ml, 46.7% abv, Australia (SA)

This whisky is bottled from a single cask, only Mt Lofty Spring water added to bring it down to its optimal drinking strength.

Cask: 5ND090
Cask Size: 100 litres
Oak: French
Cask Provenance: Spanish PX Sherry
Cooper: Round Oak Barrels, Spanish cooper unknown
Char: Medium
Cask yield: 146 bottles
ABV: 46.7%
Malt: South Australian gown and malted Pilsner
Fermentation: 7 days
Distillation / barrel fill date: 12th May 2018
Cask emptying date: 22nd August 2020


Endless nosing! A real emotion filled experience.
Nose: vanilla custard, melted butter, gentle oak, short bread
Palate: pears, butter on toast, creamy vanilla, soft caramel, roasted buts
Finish: spicy oak, salted apple crumble, fruit blossom