anCnoc Vintage 2001, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

700 ml,  46% abv, Scotland (Highland)

The anCnoc 2001 Vintage has been matured in both Spanish (dark fruits) and American oak (vanilla, honey) casks for over 15 years in traditional dunnage warehouses. Non chill-filtrered, no colouring and it is bottled at 46 % abv.

“honey, vanilla, oranges, sultanas. Apricots once again and – yes – baked apples in syrup once again. A little ale. That lovely aftertaste from orange marmalade on toast. A touch of chocolate, but more milk than dark”



Nose : Brimming with freshly squeezed lemons and ripe blood oranges. Creamy vanilla, ground spices and a touch of new leather follow.

Taste : A hint of set lime honey, vanilla and a distinct chocolate presence. The finish drifts off slowly with a zesty freshness.