Glen Spey, 12 yr old, Flora & Fauna, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

700 ml, 43.0% abv, Scotland, (Speyside)

Part of the “Flora & Fauna” range of malts, it ws released in 2001. Glen Spey 12 years old is a light-bodied, elegant malt with floral, exotic aromas and a silky, dry finish.


NOSE : Expressive, grassy. Dry hay. Huge puff of black pepper followed by sweeter notes. Cider apples cooked in honey. Beeswax. Touch of cedar.

PALATE : Round, oily, sweet and malty. Toasted nuts. Stewed apples. Less spicy than the nose. Good balance.

FINISH : A bit evanescent but enjoyable.

COMMENT : Definitely Speyside. Elegant interplay between fruit and malt.